One morning I was in prayer and was expressing some frustrations with the Lord about my past experiences and about things that had recently taken place in my life.  Of course, after listing one or two things, before I knew it, I was going down a roll-call of issues and concerns.  Note to self – once you start venting to God, it’s very possible that you will vent about the things that you thought you were over. You also start comparing your life with the lives of others. It’s the nature of the flesh.  But at the end of this prayer-rant, the ultimate message to the Lord was that, I felt short-changed.  I expressed this with tears flowing and resentment in my heart. 

Immediately, after my confession, He spoke to me in a still calm manner and said, “you are never short changed in Me, because I make all things work together for your good!”  I was so taken aback by this…I felt convicted – you know that feeling you get after you do something, that you know is displeasing to God.  That’s conviction.

So what does it mean to be short-changed?  What exactly was I saying to God? Short-changed means to be cheated or deprived of something that is owed.  

So how was I feeling short-changed? The idea that I had to take care of my sickly father was one issue. I remember having a conversation with my grandmother, about assuming responsibility for his care, as it was too overwhelming for her.  At the time, she was the care-giver for my father and grandfather.  On the one hand, I knew that it was too much for her, but on the other hand, I didn’t grow up with my dad, so I didn’t want the responsibility. That sounds awful, but it’s real. There was resentment, anger, hurt…in my heart. Why didn’t I grow up with my parents? Why did my father have to get sick? Why didn’t he want me….remember, I started going down that list…why did I have to be short-changed! Why couldn’t my relationship with my father be like so-and-so?


Recently, my father passed away, and after his death, I began to reflect.  It hit me – God DIDN’T short-change me at all.  When He says that He makes ‘all things work together,’ He really does make all things work together for our good (Romans 8:28).  We don’t realize it, but He does it when we’re not looking😊 The word of God says something that’s reassuring, ‘no good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly’ (Psalms 84:11).    We may not feel like we had the life that someone else had, or we had the relationship with our parents that we wanted. Maybe we didn’t experience many positive outcomes, but note that God still doesn’t cheat us.  Looking back, my father was there for pivotal moments, while here with me.  He attended sporting events, went on a road-trip with me, attended BBQs, family dinners, and even attended my graduation and graduation party.  We laughed together and had special moments in the five years that he was here.

So, be encouraged because one of the other things God shared with me, at a later time, was that He knows the details of our life. He knows our strengths, our weaknesses, what we need, etc.  God has perfect timing, and despite that we may feel forgotten, God doesn’t forget our prayers.  When I was a little girl, I prayed that God would bring my family back together.  Thirty years later, that’s exactly what He did.  Note to self – God doesn’t forget our cares and concerns, expressed through prayer.  He works everything out for our good and He will NEVER cheat us out of the life that we are suppose to have.  Hang in there and remember that He will never withhold any good thing from us and we will never be short-changed as long as we walk with Him!

Many times we hear the dreaded stories about waiting on God.  We’ve heard about the difficulties folks experience while waiting on God to heal, to change a situation, or to perform a miracle. I must say I’ve waited on God over the years and yes, it can be quite hard.  

But I want to challenge us to change our response while we wait.  Consider this…what if we treated waiting on God the same as waiting on Santa Claus.  For most of us, when we were young, there was a certain level of excitement that we experienced around Christmas time.  On Christmas Eve, there was an anticipation.  You went to bed early but you anxiously expected gifts to show up under the tree on Christmas Day.  Maybe it wasn’t Christmas – think back to anxiously waiting on something, that you knew was coming. 

May I suggest that we CHOOSE to make excitement and anticipation our default responses while waiting on God?  Let’s begin to condition our flesh (mind and body) to be positive and hype while waiting on God for the things we request in prayer. I know it’s not going to be easy because of uncertainty.  Is this God’s will?  Will he bless me now or later?  But I believe God will delight in our excitement, which stimulates our faith.  So how do we do this?  Here are three ways to begin the process of changing your wait response. 

1. Immediately after you pray, create a quick cheer chant. For example “Lord I’m excited cause I know you’re gonna do it!”  Repeat it over and over to condition your mind.
2. Put a smile on your face every time your unanswered request comes to mind and repeat the chant in #1.
3. Find that one scripture that speaks to your “waiting on God” period and declare it. Remember God is faithful to His word.

There is something good about waiting with excitement and anticipation, when waiting on God.  He wants us to be like that little toddler who at the end of the day sees daddy coming to pick them up from daycare and runs with a big smile, arms stretched wide, and joy in their heart because daddy showed up and they had been anticipating seeing him. God wants to show up for us and while you’re waiting GET FIRED UP AND EXCITED!  Get fired up like your blessing is here. 

So instead of getting impatient with God in the process of waiting, let’s turn it around and say “Lord I’m excited about the blessing!”  And instead of saying “I can’t wait”, say “I’m waiting with anticipation to see what you’re going to do.  I don’t see it, but Lord I’m gonna be hype til it comes!”  

There’s something exciting about trusting in God.  There’s an excitement about waiting on God to move and bring his Word and Promises to life.  I want to encourage God’s people there’s excitement in seeking God and then waiting on his promises to manifest.